it's like but for anime girls
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It's like for anime girls, but worse

How to use

Open the web site up and see the predefined anime girls, or define your own tags like:,-feet,-underwear,rating:safe

Server Install

Clone the repo to where ever you will be hosting this and run the following command to install the dependencies.

npm i

Now that the dependencies are taken care of you can verify it runs with npm start in the root directory of the project. If it tells you it is listening on a port you're probably good to go.

Running as a service

I don't know anything so I spent some time (10 minutes) creating the provided sample systemd service file.

The user in the file needs accesss to the assets directory under ./ so the """app""" can pull images from Danbooru.


Yeah I set up a .conf file for this for my test instance but it sucks and you could probably do better so I won't share it just know it is possible to actually run this as a website.

What's next

I have some small improvements in mind before I give up and call this "done".