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Embed an activitypub feed in your blog et cetera.
This is a fork of mastofeed that adds support for more themes and Misskey.

User guide

The homepage has a tool for generating iframe code for you, with a sensible sandbox attribute. The feeds fit comfortably in a 400px wide area.



GET /api/v1/feed

example: /api/v1/feed?

Returns a html page which displays a feed for a user URL. Note that URLs must be URI encoded (i.e. encodeURIComponent('') ).

Querystring options:

option required description
userurl * Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey account URL (usually https://${instance}/users/${username} for MastoAPI or https://${instance}/@${username} for Misskey)
instance ** Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey instance URL (usually https://${instance})
user ** Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey user ID (usually ${username})
feedurl no a URL to a page of an ActivityPub post collection. Only used for pages beyond the first.
theme no either masto-dark, masto-light or masto-auto, to select the UI theme (default is masto-dark). auto will appear masto-light unless the user sets up masto-dark mode on their device.
boosts no whether to show boosts or not
replies no whether to show replies or not
size no the scale of the UI in percent.

* userurl is required if instance and user are not specified.***
** instance and user are required if userurl is not specified.***

*** userurl and instance/user are mutually exclusive.

Server Installation

This is a straightforward node project with zero databases or anything, you should just be able to run yarn install and then yarn start to get up and running. Set your PORT environment variable to change the port it listens on.

Improve me

Feel free to add a caching layer, improve the styles and add more features.