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BirdsiteLIVE: Twitter -> ActivityPub

Build Status

This project is a fork of Pasture's fork of the original BirdsiteLIVE from NicolasConstant. This fork runs in production on Changes made in this fork include:

  • Rebasing the forks together.
  • (this space intentionally left blank)

This fork is also available as a Docker image as

The project's original README is below:


BirdsiteLIVE is an ActivityPub bridge from Twitter, it's mostly a pet project/playground for me to handle ActivityPub concepts. Feel free to deploy your own instance (especially if you plan to follow a lot of users) since it use a proper Twitter API key and therefore will have limited calls ceiling (it won't scale, and it's by design).

State of development

The code is pretty messy and far from a good state, since it's a playground for me the aim was to understand some AP concepts, not to provide a good state-of-the-art codebase. But I might refactor it to make it cleaner.

Official instance

There's none! Please read here why I've stopped it.


I'm providing a docker build. To install it on your own server, please follow those instructions. More options are also available.

Also a (likely broken) CLI is available for administrative tasks.


This project is licensed under the AGPLv3 License - see LICENSE for details.


You can contact me via ActivityPub here.