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A CLI is provided in the Docker image so that admins can manage their instance.

Access to the CLI

Since the CLI is packaged into the docker image, you'll have to open a shell from the container. To do so, list first your running containers:

docker ps

This should display you something equivalent to this:

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                               COMMAND                  CREATED       STATUS       PORTS                           NAMES
3734c41af5a7   postgres:9.6                        "docker-entrypoint.s…"   2 weeks ago   Up 2 weeks   5432/tcp                        db_1
be6870fe103e   nicolasconstant/birdsitelive:latest "dotnet BirdsiteLive…"   6 weeks ago   Up 2 weeks   443/tcp,>80/tcp   birdsitelive

Find the BSL container and keep the ID, here it's be6870fe103e. And you only need the three first char to identify it, so we'll be using be6.

Then open a shell inside the container (change be6 with your own id):

docker exec -it be6 /bin/bash

And you should now be inside the container, and all you have to do is calling the CLI:


Setting up the CLI

The manager will ask you to provide information about the database and the instance. Those must be same than the ones in the docker-compose.yml file. Provide the information, review it and validate it. Then the CLI UI should shows up.

Using the CLI

You can navigate between the sections with the arrows and tab keys.

The filter permits to filter the list of users with a pattern.

All users have their followings count provided next to them. You can select any user by using the up/down arrow keys and hitting the Enter key, this will display more information about the user. You can also remove a user and all their followings by hitting the Del key. You will be prompted by a confirmation message, and you'll be able to remove this user.

Deleting users having a lots of followings can take some time: after the prompt has closed the process is still running and will update the list after that. Let the software do its thing and it will go through.