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NOTE: This software is not finished. Any bugs are likely noted


Treebird logo

A very lightweight Pleroma frontend.

The goal is to create a frontend that's lightweight enough to be viewed without JS, but usable enough to improve the experience with JS.

Treebird uses C with FCGI, mastodont-c (library designed for Treebird, but can be used for other applications as well), Perl, and optional JavaScript for the frontend (100% functional without javascript, it only helps). Uses RE:DOM (2kb JS library) to assist with DOM creation and native JS apis. (Already bundled)


PleromaFE, pleroma's default frontend, uses way too much Javascript to be usable (and doesn't even support all of it's own API features...). BloatFE is great, but designed only around Mastodon's api, and isn't as modern or as lightweight as it could be. Soapbox is soapbox and does soapbox things.

This led me to one choice, to develop my own frontend.


Treebird respects compatibility with old browsers, and thus uses HTML table layouts, which are supported even by most modern terminal web browsers. The core browser we aim to at least maintain compatibility with is Netsurf, but most other browsers like GNU Emacs EWW, elinks, render Treebird just alright.


Please view the CREDITS file.


See INSTALL.md for instructions on Apache/Nginx.